Do you drink enough?

Hydration improves our physical, mental performance and health, making it equally important for athletes, students and patients alike. Wells is a smart bottle cap that makes your hydration easy.




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Wells explained

Our Features

Any bottle can be smart with wells. Our technology fits into a bottle cap, so you can use wells on any standard plastic bottle of your choice.

Wells makes sure you do not forget to have a sip. The app sends you push notifications any time you fall behind on your recommended intake for the day.

Everyone’s needs are different, so the wells app adjusts water intake recommendations based on your personal metrics and current activity levels. It is not only the bottle cap that is smart!

Enjoy wells offline, or even when you don’t have your phone with you. The cap will store the data and sync with the app via Bluetooth seamlessly.

Seen a few smart bottles already? Well get ready for this - wells gives you a smart experience with no need to splash out! Our app is free and the bottle cap costs 2 - 6 times less than other smart bottles you have seen around.

Of course, if you want to pay a little extra, that’s fine too! You will be able to get your very own, beautiful wells bottle very soon.

We have developed wells with your health in mind. The app now allows data to be exported and added to your medical records. These can be later processed for further statistical or diagnostic purposes.

Our app is a beautiful thing. Can’t wait until your bottle cap arrives to try it out? You don’t need to, just download the wells app and get your intake recommendations now.

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We want to start shipping in January 2017. If you order now, you can get 10 EUR discount with your next order. Just quote a reference from your confirmation e-mail.


About us

Wells is a brainchild of a group of friends from Imperial College London and University College London. Being passionate about innovations in health tech and quantified self, we wanted to talk and show the importance of water intake to the public.

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